Youth Development Squad

Squad Description and Objectives

Youth Development Squad is the premier squad within the scheme. The aims & objectives of the squad are to develop and prepare swimmers for the National Championships and above such as International competition. An emphasis is also placed on success at Yorkshire S.A. and North East Region A.S.A. events and the progression to these levels through competition in selected open and club meets.  

Entry Criteria

  • Swimmers must be able to demonstrate a high skill level on all 4 strokes, all turns including Medley turns, streamlining, under water kick skill and a good understanding of using a pace clock.
  • Swimmers will be reviewed to move to Youth Development Squad at 3 review points during the year (usually September, Christmas and Easter).
  • Swimmers in Youth Development Squad will be aged 14 for both males and females. Younger swimmers can be taken/fast tracked in to Youth Development depending on the swimmers ability, Skill, and requirements. The Senior Coach’s decision will be final regarding this.
  • It is desirable that swimmers have at least 1 regional qualifying time.

Whilst in Youth Development Squad 

  • The number of required sessions each swimmer attends weekly will be set by the Senior Coach. (Swimmers attending a Competition on a Saturday will be classed as attending training).
  • Swimmers must show an ongoing commitment to morning training.
  • Swimmers must attend the Saturday morning session at Eccleshill Pool and take part in the land session after the water session.
  • Swimmers must attend meets and enter relevant events on a regular basis as directed by the Senior Coach. (Minimum of 6 meets per year). If a swimmer competes on 1 day of a 2 day meet only that will be considered as 1 meet.   
  • Swimmers will arrive on time for sessions and will complete blood flow exercises prior to the commencement of sessions.
  • Swimmers must complete sessions to the standard required 
  • Swimmers must demonstrate a positive attitude towards training, coaches and their peers.
  • Swimmers will arrive at training sessions with the correct and appropriate kit
  • Swimmers are expected to keep an up to date logbook.

Please note that some training could be cancelled due to events / unforeseen circumstances this has been reflected in the price per month