Rising Stars Squad

Squad Description and Objectives

The squad is for swimmers aged 8-12 for both males and females. The aims and objectives of the squad are on fundamentals, enjoyment, technique and skill, a wide range of stroke drills will be used and a firm focus will be placed streamlining, underwater fly kick and turn techniques.

At this age swimmers will be encouraged to compete (mainly graded meets will targeted) and Rising Stars meets will be available for squad members up to the age of 11 and squad members will be encouraged to compete in these Rising Stars meets.

The number of swimmers in the squad will be 36. (This number will be reviewed annually).

Entry Criteria 

  • Swimmers will be taken into Rising Stars Squad from the local clubs. (The local club coaches shall be consulted with regard to any intake of new swimmers from their particular clubs).
  • Swimmers must be of the age as stated in the squad description.
  • Swimmers must be competent in swimming 3 different strokes and be able to swim a distance of 400 metres.

Whilst in Rising Stars Squad 

  • Swimmers will be encouraged to enter the Rising Stars competitions.
  • Swimmers arrive on time for the commencement of each session.
  • Swimmers will demonstrate a positive attitude towards training, to coaches and their peers.
  • Swimmers will arrive at training sessions with the correct and appropriate kit.

Exit Route

  • Swimmers will be reviewed to move to Rising Stars Transition Squad or Junior Development Squad at 3 review points during the year (usually September, Christmas and Easter).
  • Swimmers will only be eligible to join Rising Stars Transition Squad or Junior Development Squad from the age of 9 upwards for males and females.
  • Swimmers must show a good standard of aerobic stamina to be considered for Rising Stars Transition Squad or Junior Development Squad.
  • Swimmers will only be considered to move to Rising Stars Transition Squad or Junior Development Squad if they can perform the following on a constant ongoing basis-
    • Streamline to high standard on push offs on the front & back.
    • Perform fly kick underwater to a good standard on the front & back.
    • Show effective stroke drills on 3 different strokes.
    • Perform turns to a satisfactory standard on 3 different strokes and the 3 IM turns.
    • Show a basic understanding of reading a pace clock.
  • If swimmers do not achieve Junior Development Squad standard by 13 years of age they will exit Rising Stars Squad and be recommended continue to swim with their local club.
  • See entry criteria for Rising Stars Transition Squad or Junior Development Squad     

 Please note that some training could be cancelled due to events / unforeseen circumstances this has been reflected in the price per month