Junior Development Squad

The squad is for swimmers aged between 9-14 for both males and females. The aims and objectives of the squad are to develop swimmers for age group (BAGCAT) competitions. A varied range of skills and stroke drills will be implemented, but the focus will be on fundamentals and enjoyment. The maximum number in the squad will be 34 swimmers.

Entry Criteria

  • Swimmers must be of the age as stated in the squad description.
  • Swimmers must have ambitions to achieve N.E.R. qualifying times and above.
  • To be considered for JD swimmers must be able to demonstrate, on a regular basis-
  • A good front & back streamlined position when pushing of the walls.
  • A good fly kick on both front & back when pushing of walls.
  • Show a satisfactory level of turn skill on all 4 strokes and the 3 IM turns.
  • Be competent on 3 of the 4 swimming strokes.
  • Show a satisfactory level of fitness & stamina.

Whilst in Junior Development Squad

  • Swimmers will attend a minimum of 5sessions per week.
  • Swimmers will arrive on time for the commencement of each session.
  • It is desirable that swimmers will hold a current Yorkshire S.A. qualifying time.
  • Swimmers will demonstrate a positive attitude towards training, the coaches and their peers.
  • Swimmers must show a commitment to morning training to be considered to move into Youth Development Squad.
  • Attend a minimum of 8 meets per season and enter the correct events as directed by the Senior Coach and Development Coach.
  • Swimmers will arrive at training sessions with the correct and appropriate kit.
  • Swimmers are required and expected to keep an up to date log book.

Exit Route

  • Swimmers will move to Youth Development Squad when they reach the required age (See entry criteria for Youth Development Squad).
  • Swimmers will loose their place in the squad if their attendance falls below 5 sessions per week on a more often than not basis and will be recommended to continue their training with the local clubs.

 Please note that some training could be cancelled due to events / unforeseen circumstances this has been reflected in the price per month