The Committee

Position Main Duties Contact Details


To ensure the smooth and effective running of the club by effective supervision and to contribute to the development and standard of the club therein.

To make sure meetings are run well and effectively. To be the spokesperson for the club in formal pronouncements. Represent the club on formal occasions. To chair all Committee meetings and AGMs/EGMs. In the event of a tie in voting, may give a casting vote

Andy Buxton

Hon. Secretary

To take minutes of any meeting held by the club. To acknowledge immediate receipt of such correspondence as required, and bring to the attention of the executive committee. To reply to any correspondence as directed by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson.

To notify all members of General Committee meetings, take charge of and conduct all correspondence, keep a record of attendance at meetings and record and publish the minutes, and prepare the Agenda for the AGM.To take all minutes of every meeting. To distribute to the executive committee and it's affiliated members copies of any minutes. Support and assist all elected officers of the committee. Liase with the Director of your sport & Chairperson on the Agenda and minutes for each meeting before they are circulated. Circulate any relevant information received from the your Governing Body to The Governing Board where necessary. Distribute any relevant information to The Governing Board and appropriate people. Keep the Job Profiles up to date. If unable to attend any meeting, arrange for correspondence to be sent to the meeting

Fay Taylor

Hon. Treasurer

To accurately manage all club finances, and maintain accurate records of the financial status of the club. The treasurer is also responsible for advising the executive committee of any debtors immediately.

To receive and bank all monies (except that raised through the offices of the Honorary Social Secretary) in the name of the Club, keep accounts and sign all cheques along with the Honorary Secretary and other authorised person, and prepare a written financial statement for each Committee meeting and a written and independently examined statement for the AGM. The Club’s financial year shall be 1st September to 31st August.To manage and coordinate all financial issues of the club. Agree/sets budgets. Administers club accounts

Helen Buxton

Hon. Championship Sec

Responsible for the compilation and management of the club 12 months gala fixtures (in conjunction with the team manager, club coach and swimming committee as appropriate).

In consultation with the Chief Coach, to make all entries of members to championships or other events and Issue gala invitations for inter club galas and maintaining list of attendees, returning acceptance slips to other clubs. Issue fixtures lists to all club officers, officials, swimmers and notice boards annually.

Nici Shay

Hon. Meet Director

To co-ordinate arrangements in connection with galas organised by the Club. Maintaining list of officials and helpers. Organising officials and helpers for all club galas. Order awards (medals, ribbons etc) for championship / sponsored galas and be responsible for club trophies. Liaise with volunteer co-ordinator as to volunteer requirements.

Andy Buxton

Hon. Social Sec

Coordinates social, business, and personal affairs of the club. Confers with the committee on contemplated social functions

Responsible for drawing up and organising a programme of social and fundraising events. Developing and implementing a social calendar and budget for the club. Organises all club social events.  Promotes social events. Books venue(s), assists with publicity

Michelle Bastow

Membership Secretary

To ensure that all membership administration is kept up-to date. To devise and organise various ways of increasing membership numbers.

To keep a record of the membership. Holds and continually updates data and details of all members. Administers the annual renewal of subscriptions. Assists with recruitment and publicity. To promote and raise the number of memberships in the club

Nici Shay

Welfare Officer

Ensure all persons working with children and young people at the club are fully aware of what is required of them within the protocols of the policy / of good practice

To ensure that the Club follows the guidance set out by Swim England Child Protection Policy. Conduct the administrative work associated with processing information on new coaches/ organisers. Liase closely with club youth coaches, ensuring that agreed procedures for the prevention of risk are followed

Diane Mawson

Senior Coach

To ensure that the members of the club receive coaching of the highest standard, and develop a strong and competitive team

To take full responsibility for the clubs coaching. To assist in the selection of the teams/ Squads. To work with the Assistant Coaches in the preparation and running of each training session. Develop and update with the help of the coaches a rolling 12-month forward training programme for all of the squads. Allocate water time to the squads. Be aware and understand the facility Emergency Action Plan and Normal Operating Procedures (EAP & NOP). To follow and promote the Swim England Child Protection policy.

Andy Pearce

Swim England Secretary

To maintain adequate records of members details. To ensure that swimmers  details are accurate and submitted in a timely manner to appropriate governing bodies.

To collate completed membership forms and submit Swim England online registration in timely manner.  To maintain current database of swimmers and to enable appropriate levies to be paid to Swim England.

Nici Shay

Communications Officer

To Promote and Publicise, in a positive way, all aspects of the Club.

To liase with the club committee and development officer to market the club to potential new members and to ensure optimum communications within the club. To produce informative and unbiased newsletters, leaflets, handbooks and other communications materials with regards to all sections within the club as and when appropriate information is available. Organise meetings of a general nature (not management, social or swimming committee) as and when requested by committees. Give notice of said meetings as and when appropriate. Execute damage limitation procedures (with consultation) in the wake of adverse internal or external publicity. Liaise with Swim 21 Co-ordinator. To follow and promote the ASA Child Protection policy.

Christine McCabe


To meet regularly, take decisions, make recommendations, co-ordinate and delegate to sub-committees and plan ahead.

To prepare for and attend committee meetings. Represent the clubs with respect to the development of policies and procedures. To act as a representative of the club members

Alison Medd

Nicola Dunn

Paul Tiffany

Nina Marszewska


Other Club Roles

Equipment Co-ordinator

To negotiate equipment deals with suppliers, and order for matches and tournaments equipment, and to ensure that all the clubs equipment is maintained, and repaired efficiently when necessary.

Attend matches and training to assess equipment needs. Perform cleaning and distribution of equipment. Keeps an up to date inventory of all kit and equipment owned by the club. Produces a report at AGM assessing current value of kit and equipment the club holds



Alison Medd




Volunteer Co-ordinator

Act as the main contact for all volunteers. Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers by name. Ensure that all jobs have a job description. Supervise and oversee all volunteers

Liase with the Chairperson to ensure that all tasks required to run the club efficiently are carried out. Co -ordinate the implementation of the volunteer recruitment plan. Liase with the Development Officer and Competition secretary as to their course and volunteer requirements (or other similar positions within the club). Become a member of Sport England VIP. Issue Volunteer packs to all volunteers.  Administer the Criminal Records Bureau paperwork i.e. disclosure application forms.  Organise Social and Recruitment events for volunteers.  Liaise closely with the welfare officer to ensure that each volunteer is aware of Swim England Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Nici Shay


To assist members of the club committee with various tasks assigned to them. This may include assisting with registration at a variety of club events, assist with fundraising, or even assist the coaches with certain elements of their coaching.

To help with a variety of tasks assigned to them by members of the club committee

All Club Members!

Club President

To ensure the smooth and effective running of the club by acting as an ambassador for the club, representing the club at external meetings

Attends meetings in a neutral and un-committed capacity. Assists with recruitment when necessary. May be required to undertake interviews with the press/ media.


Squad Co-Ordinators

To ensure a flow of communications between the squads.

Make sure that competition entry forms and other literature are distributed to all squads. To act as a contact point for members of the squad. To make sure that completed forms are returned promptly to the appropriate Officer of the Club.

Youth Development

Junior Development

Rising Stars