Date    Meet    Venue    Course    Recommended Squads
30 Sep/1 Oct 2017   Winter Yorkshire Lower Age Group Championships   JCC, Leeds   25m   JD, RS
21-22 Oct 2017   Winter Yorkshire Upper Age Group Championships   Ponds Forge   25m   YD, JD
28-29 Oct 2017   Winter ASANER Age Groups Championships   Sunderland Aquatic Centre   25m   YD, JD
4-5 Nov 2017   Winter ASANER Youth Senior Championships   Ponds Forge   50m   YD
11-12 Nov 2017   Harrogate Autumn Meet (Distance Meet)   The Hydro   25m   MEET CANCELLED
17-18 Nov 2017   Stockport Metro Open Meet   Life Leisure Grand Central, Stockport   25m   JD, YD
18 Nov 2017   Sheffield City Memorial B Grade Meet   Ponds Forge   50m   JD, RS
25-26 Nov 2017   City of Sheffield Snow Frills Meet   Ponds Forge   50m   YD, JD
9-10 Dec 2017   City of Bradford Jingle Bell A/B Grade Meet   Shipley Pool   25m   YD, JD, RS
13-17 Dec 2017   National Winter Championships/CWG Trials   Ponds Forge   50m   Qualifying Swimmers
6-7 Jan 2018   Harrogate Janus Meet   The Hydro   25m   RS, JD, YD


Extra meets will be considered at the discretion of the Senior and Development coaches.